The Bombay Provincial Hockey Association Ltd which was originally incorporated on 2nd October, 1934 in British/India people formed an Association. The Association memorandum was formed by the following persons:-
  1. Mr.W.H.Hammond, MA,FRGSJP
  2. Mr.Behram Doctor
  3. Mr.EJN Baira, BE
  4. Mr.Cyriaco De Sousa
  5. Mr.A.A.Jasdenvala
  6. Mr.E.C.Hodgins
  7. Mr.A.C.Pereira
  8. Mr.H.N.Contractor
  9. Mr.R.C.Summerhayes
  10. Mr.I.H.Taunton
  11. Mr.N.C.Nagporewalla
  12. Mr.M.J.Vakil
  13. Mr.S.B.Sethna
The Bombay Provincial Hockey Association after its formation was situated at the Oval Maidan ( next to the Parsi Bawadi ) from 1934 to 1954 . Thereafter in 1955 it was shifted to D-Road, Churchgate or Lloyd’s Reclamation which came into existence after a renowned architect by name Lloyd reclaimed this part of Mumbai.

The Late Shri.Morarji Desai who was the then Chief Minister of the State of Mumbai alongwith Mr.Naval Tata the incumbent President of BHA who were instrumental in getting this ground for hockey. A Gold Cup was also donated by Government of Bombay in 1955. The proceeds of the first ever Bombay Gold Cup were handed over to the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru ( Rs.1,11,111) as a donation for the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

The matches were conducted under flood lights, a first ever in the country. Since then the Gold Cup Hockey Tournament has been an annual feature wherein even foreign teams like Afghan Sports Club, Pakistan International Airlines, Kenya XI and Oman XI etc have participated along with India’s elite teams like Lusitanian , Punjab Police, BSF, Western Railway, Air India, Indian Airlines, Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, O.N.G.C, Tata Sports Club, Mahindra & Mahindra, Northern Railway to name a few.

Registration: The Bombay Hockey Association is registered under Company Act 1956.
On 5th December, 1964 the name of The Bombay Provincial Hockey Association Ltd has been changed to The Bombay Hockey Association Ltd.

The MHA Ltd. is affiliated to Hockey India. To prepare sub. Junior, Junior & Senior National players to represent our country. All the hockey tournaments are being supervised by MHA Umpires Board having 40 members on its register.